Old Gum

What has your life come to?


Note: This website is a joke, which was made by 2 bored kids. Please don't put any information important to you such as your real name or credit card info on this site. Thanks!

If you like chewing gum, you sure will like Old Gum! Old Gum is all natural. Old Gum is ABC Gum left out for a few days to harden. The longer this aging process, the more expensive it will be, just like good quality cheese. After aging, we flavor the Old Gum by soaking it in our specialty flavors. Old Gum ranges in age from 6 days to a year. Old Gum is packed with many kinds of nutrients, even better than regular gum, which is not nutritious at all. Our specialty flavors are Ketchup flavored Banana and Banana flavored Ketchup, but we come up with new flavors all the time.

Flavors of Old Gum

Flavor NameDate Introduced Limited UntilPopularity
Banana flavored Ketchup10/12/17N/A#1
Christmas Mistletoe12/15/17 3/1/18N/A
New Year's Party12/15/173/1/18N/A
Strawberry Cucumber Mix 10/24/17N/A#2
Cucumber Strawberry Mix 10/24/17N/A#3
Ketchup flavored Banana 10/12/17 N/A#4