Old Gum

What has your life come to?


Note: This website is a joke, which was made by 2 bored kids. Please don't put any information important to you such as your real name or credit card info on this site. Thanks!

Hi and welcome to the community of Old Gum! Here, you can check out the many polls and quizzes we come up with, some possibly giving you the chance to win a prize. Many of these quizzes can help decide important company decisions, such as new flavors or features. Some are quizzes, which can help to see how much you know about Old Gum, and also how much infomation we should put out. If a quiz doesnt work, we will post a link under every quiz to help you get there in order to cast your vote. Happy Quiztaking!

Also, you will get the chance to contact us any questions you may have about Old Gum. Just remember, all questions with profanity and/or disrespect will most probably not be answered, so watch your words! we will try to get to you as quick as possible. Now...

Here are a few rules before you start:

  1. Please be respectful in all answers, no profanity please!
  2. Use good language. Bad language can result in punishment, like prohibition of polls or buying old gum online.
  3. Please be honest, or at least as honest as you can be.
  4. And lastly have fun! Let everyone do what they want!

Ok then, have fun!

The way you can reach us is through...

The Official Old Gum Email!

Here is the link for this poll

Oh, and if you see something wrong and want to help out, submit a pull request on our Github Repo.